Souter Investments
is one of the UK’s leading family investment offices specialising in private equity

Why Souter Investments



As we only invest our own capital, we have complete flexibility in our investment approach such that:

  • we are not constrained by deal size
  • we can take majority or minority positions
  • we can be active or passive partners as the situation requires
  • we can lead a transaction as sole investor, participate alongside other investors, or support other financial sponsors on a deal by deal basis as part of a syndicate



Our founder is a dynamic entrepreneur and operator. This ethos is reflected in Souter Investments’ approach to investing, so while we apply rigour and professionalism, we are not constrained by process and mechanics.

We have a simple and efficient investment committee process with opportunities appraised by the investment team before ultimately being approved by Sir Brian. As such, should the situation call for it, we are able to make quick risk adjusted decisions and can do deals which do not necessarily fit a traditional private equity blueprint.



We do not raise third party capital so we invest in what we like, how we like, when we like, as long as it meets our ethical principles.

We are not constrained by fund rules or timelines so can do what is right for the business, for example we don't need to exit an investment within a specific time horizon. Our hold period has varied from less than one year to more than 15 years.



We seek to ensure that investors and shareholders, the Boards, and the executive management teams of our investee companies have a strong alignment of interests and a set of agreed, well understood, and shared objectives. We also understand things change and our flexibility allows us to adapt our approach and perspective.

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