Souter Investments
is one of the UK’s leading family investment offices specialising in private equity

About Souter Investments

Souter Investments is the private family investment office of Stagecoach co-founder and Chairman, Sir Brian Souter. The family office still retains a c.14% investment in Stagecoach.

We invest in many assets classes, including funds, real estate and quoted markets, however, we primarily focus on Private Equity investments where we can invest either on our own or with co-investment partners.

We have invested over £350m in unquoted companies over the last 11 years with over £250m invested in our current private equity portfolio. Our portfolio consists of around 30 businesses varying in size and industry.

For further information on our current and realised investments, please see our Investment Portfolio for more details.

We are constantly on the lookout for new investment opportunities. Please see our investment approach for more details of the size and type of companies we aim to invest in.


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