Souter Investments
is one of the UK’s leading family investment offices specialising in private equity

Investment Approach


Our flexible investment approach is focussed on private equity strategies, but we are sector agnostic and opportunistic.


Deal size and structure

  • Our typical equity cheque is in the region of £2m to £30m, with a ‘sweet spot’ of £5m to £15m
  • We are not constrained by deal size and can invest as a sole investor, lead investor or as part of a syndicate
  • We normally invest in deals with an Enterprise Value of up to £100m, although we can and do participate in larger transactions
  • We do not invest, raise, or manage third party capital – we speak directly for the monies we invest
  • We want to have influence and visibility on how our capital is invested

Stewardship of our capital is important, so we work with a range of high-quality advisers with skills and experience tailored to each transaction.


Transaction types

  • Growth / development capital
  • Corporate carve-outs
  • Balance sheet restructurings
  • Minority or majority shareholding

We are happy to lead investments or support other financial sponsors on a deal by deal basis. We do not generally invest in start-ups or early stage businesses. Discover why you should



  • We are sector agnostic and opportunistic
  • We are open to investing in a number of sectors including business services, healthcare, telecoms, financials services, technology and industrials.
  • We will not consider investments involving alcohol, tobacco, armaments, gambling or pay-day loan companies


For examples of the wide range of private equity transactions we participate in, please see our Investment Portfolio.

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