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Argent Energy

Argent Energy

Vintage: August 2009

Exit Date: July 2013

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Motherwell

Type: MBO

Souter Role: Majority Stake

Souter Director: Yes

Status: Realised

Argent Energy specialises in producing clean, green, road fuel (Biodiesel) from the by-products of other industries, such as tallow, waste derived from the sewers and used cooking oil.  Argent Energy pioneered large scale commercial biodiesel production in the UK when it started production at its state of the art plant near Motherwell and now delivers up to 50 million litres (45,000 tonnes) of high quality biodiesel a year.

Souter Investments backed the management buy-out of Argent Energy in 2009, led by the Chairman, Andy Hunter, CEO, Jim Walker and FD, Jim Boyd.  In the next four years Argent Energy successfully grew the business, expanding its production facilities in Motherwell, diversifying feedstock suppliers and products, and further developing its ability to process difficult raw materials.

The business was successfully sold to John Swire & Sons in July 2013, with Souter Investments achieving a full exit.