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CellPoint Digital

CellPoint Digital

Vintage: January 2022

Sector: Financial Services

Location: London

Type: Growth Capital

Souter Role: Co-investor

Souter Director: No

Status: Current

CellPoint Digital is a mobile payment and payment orchestration platform (POP) in the travel, hospitality and retail sectors . It helps merchants increase top-line revenue utilizing intelligent routing, increasing authorizations, and providing system uptime transparency, and reduces the operation cost of accepting cross border payments.

CellPoint Digital also provides a method of payment for the customer that is agnostic to the choice of payment method, currency, device or channel delivering a frictionless payment experience. The Company has offices in Copenhagen, Dallas, Dubai, London, Miami, Pune and Singapore.

In January 2022, Toscafund announced an equity financing round of USD25m alongside Penta to extend the firm’s global reach and penetrate new market verticals such as gaming, crypto and digital content. The move follows a series of investments by Tosca and Penta following their initial investment in 2019. Souter Investments participated in the Penta led syndicate during 2022 on the premise that the investment will help to further scale the team globally and build on a series of major client wins in recent years.