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One Search Direct

One Search Direct

Vintage: May 2007

Sector: Legal and Business Services

Location: Glasgow

Type: MBO, Growth Capital

Souter Role: Lead Investor

Souter Director: Yes

Status: Current

OneSearch Direct is the UK’s largest local search data company. The Company provides property search information including planning information, coal reports and rights of access to conveyancers completing English property transactions

Headquartered in Glasgow, OneSearch provides Solicitors and other data management companies with access to a range of products that are based on local property search information. This includes OneSearch Express, a new product introduced in 2016 to enable clients to complete their data search in less than 24hrs – the fastest in the market.

In 2007, Souter Investments provided funding to refinance the business and provide further finance for expansion, in preparation for the launch of Home Information Packs.

OneSearch was severely impacted by the coalition government’s subsequent decision to scrap Home Information Packs in 2010, a market in which it had gained a 40% market share. Since then, OneSearch has rebuilt its distribution channels and market position and is well placed to capitalise on the forecast growth in housing transactions over the coming years. In 2015, the Company was restructured with Elizabeth Jarvis becoming MD and Souter Investments taking majority control.


The regulatory and market changes in our industry have been unprecedented during the time of Souter Investments’ shareholding. Despite this, they have been supportive throughout with an ability to act in the best interests of the business and long term shareholder value rather than simply short term gain.

Liz Jarvis, MD