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Vintage: August 2014

Sector: Industrials

Location: Finland, Poland


Souter Role: Co-investor, Minority Stake

Souter Director: Yes

Status: Current

Amerplast is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, value added plastic film packaging. Its flexible packaging applications are used in a wide range of industrial and consumer products, particularly in the food, hygiene and retail sectors.

With operations in Finland, Poland, Sweden and Russia, Amerplast is one of the largest plastic converters and bread bag manufacturers in Europe. Its flexible packaging solutions are exported to over 25 countries.

A business with a keen environmental focus, many of Amerplast’s products are manufactured using recycled or Green Polyethylene, including its retail bags which are produced using 90% recycled materials. Amerplast has also recently launched its AmerFresh Packaging System. Utilising new technologies specific to fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, Amerfresh delivers a longer life cycle for fresh produce by optimising the oxygen levels within packaging to the specific optimum level for each type of fruit and vegetable.

In addition to major investment in NPD since acquisition, Souter Investments and co-investors Lonsdale Capital Partners have supported significant capital investment in new plant and equipment, further enhancing Amerplast’s capabilities.


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In Souter Investments we have a like-minded partner who continue to be supportive with the turnaround of the business from a non-core orphan to an independent agile company and provide us the space and resources to invest in new plant and form long term partnerships with customers to introduce innovative products.

Borge Kvamme, CEO